The Reason Missy Hair Is Shorter In Young Sheldon Season 6 Episode 18 Revealed Surprised Audience

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 18. Missy hair is shorter in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 18 for a tragic reason.

    Missy hair is shorter in Young Sheldon season 6, episode 18 for a tragic reason. The CBS family sitcom finally gave the lone Cooper daughter the attention she deserved when it tackled her runaway outing after neglecting her for the majority of the year. But up until this point, Missy has been dealing with the consequences of her risky and foolish decision to drive Paige to Florida while driving without a license. Despite Young Sheldon making light of the narrative, it's one of the more serious arcs in season 6, and the behind-the-scenes situation filming the outing makes it much darker.

    Raegan Revord and her mother were involved in a car accident on the way to film Missy's runaway episode when their car was T-boned. Even though none of the parties involved sustained any physical harm as a result of the incident, the young actress was severely scarred. Instead of taking a break, however, Revord insisted on working. As a result, she had a difficult time shooting the aforementioned Young Sheldon episode, which featured Missy behind the wheel for the most part. She didn't have to drive, but she still found it difficult because of how recent the memory of her accident was.

    #1. Missy Hair Is Shorter In Young Sheldon Season 6 For Raegan Revord’s Car Accident


    Missy hair is shorter in Young Sheldon season 6

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    Young Sheldon season 6, episode 18, "Little Green Men and A Fella's Proposal," features Missy with shorter hair as a direct result of Revord's real-life accident. After four years of asking, the actress claims that the crew eventually agreed to let her cut her hair in an effort by the crew to make her feel better. Previously, Revord was not allowed to trim her mane because the narrative did not call for it.  But as evidenced by her fresh appearance, it doesn't require an explanation. It's hardly a big deal, and the Young Sheldon outing doesn't even mention the change.


    There has been no mention of how Missy's haircut would affect the plot of Young Sheldon season 6. However, if the writer made such a big issue of it staying the same length for four years, it is not outside the realm of possibility that the remainder of the year will incorporate it in its storytelling. She can now gradually reintegrate into her social circles after George and Mary seem to have mellowed down on their punishment for her daring joyride. Missy's quest to join a group that actually embraces her may have something to do with her shorter hair.

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    #2. What’s Next For Missy In Young Sheldon?

    Missy hair is shorter in Young Sheldon season 6

    Things are only going to get harder for Missy going forward. Aside from her struggle to be seen in her family, she and the rest of the Coopers are also facing a big loss with the upcoming death of George. Young Sheldon may be ignoring the cheating scandal involving George, but the Cooper patriarch must pass away within the next 12 months in order to avoid completely upsetting The Big Bang Theory's established canon. In other places, Missy also seems to get considerably closer to Billy Sparks. It's unclear whether CBS is planning a story involving the two, although it would be intriguing if they developed an unexpected friendship.


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