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Life Tips | by Emily

5 Facts About Adult Scoliosis You May Not Know

Discover surprising facts about adult scoliosis, its types, symptoms, treatment options, and why it shouldn't be ignored. Learn more to manage and treat scoliosis effectively.

Life Tips | by Emily

Why Do We Have Scabs on My Scalp?

Why Do We Have Scabs on My Scalp? Your scalp is protected by a natural barrier, controlled by the oil secreted by your sebaceous glands. When the pH of this barrier is damaged, it can cause your scalp to become dry and itchy.

Nutrition | by

How Can Dehydration Affect Your Mental Health?

Could your mood swings, difficulty concentrating, or heightened stress levels be linked to dehydration? In a compelling interplay between mind and body, dehydration is a condition that extends far beyond feeling thirsty; it can significantly impact your m

TV & Movies | by Lynne

Why Did Netflix Cancel Spinning Out After Only One Season?

Why did Netflix cancel Spinning Out? Spinning Out ends suddenly before the dawn of season 2. Nevertheless, as the curtains closed on its finale, it left behind subtle breadcrumbs, hinting at the potential unfolding storylines.