Did Halle Bailey Sneaked Into Cinema To Watch The Little Mermaid?!

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Before Halle Bailey shared a video of it online, the moviegoer were unaware that the movies star was there watching the movie with them. How could we know if Halle Bailey Sneaked Into Cinema To Watch The Little Mermaid!

The Little Mermaid has been bringing in big cash at the box office, bringing a lot of moviegoers to the movies throughout the four-day holiday weekend. Halle Bailey, the film's major star, was one of those who saw the movie. The newest Disney Princess is Bailey, who portrays Ariel in the film in a live-action version. Recently the moviegoers were surprized that Halle Bailey Sneaked Into Cinema To Watch The Little Mermaid with them! 

#1. Halle Bailey Sneaked Into Cinema To Watch The Little Mermaid

After the movie's debut, Bailey uploaded a video on TikTok where she described how she saw the movie in a cinema. Bailey used sunglasses and a face mask to avoid being recognized by fans, and as the video demonstrates, she managed to buy a bucket of popcorn and enter a movie theater as it was starting. One moviegoer, who was unaware that Bailey was practically strolling right by her as she took a photo in front of a big display for The Little Mermaid, can be seen in the footage.

The Little Mermaid is currently the top movie in the world, as noted by Bailey in her TikTok post. In fact, it debuted to a staggering $185 million globally, which was a sizable sum to earn in just four days. Of the overall revenue, domestic movie theater screenings contributed more than $117 million. The Little Mermaid received an A rating from CinemaScore, which is even better for the movie considering the positive reviews it has received from viewers. Additionally, it received a 95% audience rating in its Rotten Tomatoes premiere.

#2. The Little Mermaid Is Out In Cinemas!


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The movie is about Ariel, the most rebellious and youngest of King Triton's daughters, longs to learn more about the world above the water. While on a journey to the surface, she develops feelings for the handsome Prince Eric. Mermaids aren't supposed to talk to humans, but Ariel has to do what she feels. She strikes a pact with Ursula, a wicked sea witch, in order to experience life on dry ground, but this eventually puts her life and her father's throne in danger.

Halle Bailey has gotten into acting with a role on Grown-ish alongside her sister Chloe Bailey after finding success in music together as Chloe x Halle. Additionally, she will be seen in the forthcoming musical adaptation of The Color Purple. But for Bailey, who as a little child dreamed of being a Disney Princess but never imagined that it may actually come true one day, portraying Ariel has been a dream come true.


When given the opportunity to portray Ariel in the film, Halle Bailey said, "It feels absolutely amazing to officially be a Disney Princess," according to ET. "I mean, I believe that we have all experienced it in our dreams. I'm simply so thankful to be in this situation because you have daydreams of pretending to be a Cinderella princess or someone like that, but you never imagine it would actually happen.

The Little Mermaid is directed by Rob Marshall from a screenplay by David Magee. In the movie, Jonah Hauer-King plays Eric, Javier Bardem plays King Triton, Melissa McCarthy plays Ursula, Awkwafina plays Scuttle, Daveed Diggs plays Sebastian, and Jacob Tremblay plays Flounder. They all co-star with Bailey. The Little Mermaid had its theatrical debut last year and is now available to watch on the big screen!

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