Who Is Bigi Jackson? Meet The Son Of The King Of Pop

Bigi Jackson, the son of the King of Pop, opens up about his life. Learn how he coped with his father’s death and pursued his dream.

    Michael Jackson was a pop icon who revolutionized the music scene with his spectacular dance moves and catchy songs. His son, Bigi Jackson, who changed his name from Blanket, looks just like his father and shares his talent. In this article, we will discover the remarkable life of this young sensation. We will also review his father’s marriages and siblings before finding out his current ambitions.

    #1. Micheal’s Marriages



    Michael Jackson was a legendary musician who dazzled the world with his amazing voice and dance moves. He had a long and successful career that spanned decades and genres. He also had a turbulent personal life, with three marriages and divorces. One of his most famous spouses was Lisa-Marie Presley, the daughter of the rock icon Elvis Presley. They tied the knot in 1994, but their marriage only lasted two years. Many fans were heartbroken when they announced their split in 1996.

    Michael’s love life took another turn in 1996, when he wed Debbie Rowe. She was a nurse who had known him for years. They had two children together, a boy named Prince and a girl named Paris. But their marriage also fell apart and they divorced in 1999.

    #2. “Bigi” Jackson, Son of the King of Pop


    Michael had two marriages and two children with Debbie, but he also had a third child through a surrogate. His name was Prince Michael Jackson II, born on February 21, 2002. He was the younger brother of Michael Jr., who was born in 1997. Both boys shared the same nickname, Prince, but only the younger one had it as his legal name. To avoid confusion, they used different names. Michael Jr. went by Prince and his younger brother went by Blanket.

    For most of his life, Blanket, or Prince Michael Jackson II, was hidden from the public eye. He was a mystery to the world, until he finally revealed himself. His father used to cover him with a blanket whenever he appeared in public. That’s how he got his nickname, Blanket. “A blanket is a blessing, a way of showing loving and caring,” his father once explained.



    Blanket has grown up and changed his name to “Bigi” Jackson. He is 21 years old now, and he looks a lot like his father. His smile, his eyes, and his cheekbones are all reminiscent of Michael Jackson. He had a hard time coping with his father’s death when he was seven years old. He became silent for a while and withdrew from the world.

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    #3. What is Bigi Up to Now?


    Bigi Jackson chose a different career than his father and his siblings. He wanted to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. He moved to Calabasas, California, and pursued his passion for filmmaking. He revealed his dream of becoming a director in a 2012 documentary called Jacksonology: Our Story. His father encouraged him to follow his dream. He used to make home movies with his siblings and cousins when he was younger.


    Bigi did not share his father’s musical talent. He liked to keep a low profile. He achieved his goal of becoming a director. He runs his own production company called King’s Son.


    There were rumors that Michael Jackson did not adopt his children or that he was not their biological father. TMZ reported that “legal experts tell us Jackson would be presumed the father, but it’s not conclusive by any means.”

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