The Trailer And Everything We Know About Bird Box Barcelona

Netflix released the official trailer and here's Everything We Know About Bird Box Barcelona.

If you loved Bird Box, the 2018 Netflix thriller starring Sandra Bullock as a woman trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious force drives people to suicide, then you're in luck. Netflix has just released the official trailer and Everything We Know About Bird Box Barcelona 

#1. Everything We Know About Bird Box Barcelona

According to Variety, Netflix has teamed up with Spanish production company Nostromo Pictures to produce the sequel, Bird Box Barcelona is directed by Alex and David Pastor, who also wrote the screenplay. Known for their work on ‘The Occupant’ and ‘Carriers’.  The film stars Mario Casas as Sebastián, a father who tries to protect his daughter Sophia (Naila Schuberth) from the horrors of the post-apocalyptic world. Along the way, they will encounter other characters played by Georgina Campbell, Diego Calva, Alejandra Howard, Lola Dueñas, Patrick Criado, Gonzalo De Castro, Michelle Jenner and Leonardo Sbaraglia.


The sequel will likely explore how the creatures affect different parts of the world, and how people cope with the new reality. It will also introduce new characters and scenarios that will test their survival skills and mental strength. The filming of ‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is expected to start in July 2023 and wrap up by October 2023. The release date is not yet confirmed, but we can hope to see it on Netflix sometime in 2024.

Bird Box Barcelona

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The film is not a direct sequel to Bird Box, but rather a spin-off that expands the universe created by Josh Malerman in his 2014 novel of the same name. The film will explore how different cultures and locations cope with the mysterious threat that has wiped out most of humanity.

‘Bird Box Barcelona’ is one of the many projects that Netflix is developing in Spain, as part of its strategy to expand its global content and reach more audiences. Netflix has already produced several successful Spanish shows and movies, such as ‘Money Heist’, ‘Elite’, ‘The Platform’ and ‘The Invisible Guest’. With ‘Bird Box Barcelona’, Netflix hopes to deliver another thrilling and captivating experience for its viewers.

#2. Things Revealed In The Official Trailer


The trailer for Bird Box Barcelona was released on May 9, 2023, and it shows us some glimpses of the tense and thrilling action that awaits us. We see Sebastián and Sophia wearing blindfolds as they navigate the streets of Barcelona, avoiding cars, explosions and gunfire. We also see them joining forces with other survivors who have different strategies to survive. Some of them use birds as warning signals, while others use technology to create safe zones.

 This trailer looks terrifying. It shows glimpses of the iconic landmarks of Barcelona, such as the Sagrada Familia, the Park Güell, and the Casa Batlló, but with a dark and sinister twist. We see people running, screaming, and hiding from something we can't see, while a voice-over says: "Don't look. Don't listen. Don't speak. Don't breathe."

#3. Slogan In The Poster or Bird Box Barcelona


Bird Box Barcelona

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The poster for Bird Box Barcelona was also revealed on the same day, and it features a close-up of Sebastián's face covered by a blindfold with the tagline "Are you ready to see?". The poster suggests that Sebastián might have to face his fears and confront the creatures that haunt him..


Bird Box Barcelona promises to be a thrilling and suspenseful ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to face your fears?

Bird Box Barcelona promises to be a thrilling and suspenseful addition to the Bird Box franchise, which has become one of Netflix's most popular original films. The film will be available to stream on Netflix from July 14, 2023.

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