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Explore our updated the most disturbing Netflix documentaries list. With us to uncover chilling stories and unsettling narratives.

True crime documentaries have gained immense popularity, especially among enthusiasts of the macabre. Numerous documentaries focused on singular homicides have captivated true crime aficionados in recent years. The allure of serial killers, in particular, lies in their tactics and psyche, simultaneously terrifying and fascinating the inquisitive viewer.

The psychology of serial killers has been a globally intriguing subject. It has even served as the inspiration for highly successful shows like Criminal Minds, which enjoyed a 15-season run. Whether in the form of movies or TV series, serial killer documentaries consistently achieve great success, highlighting the difficulty in acknowledging that monsters can exist within the realm of the ordinary.

Let's explore our updated the most disturbing Netflix documentaries list in this post.

#6. Our Father (2022)

Certainly one of Netflix's most distinctive, unsettling, and captivating documentaries, Our Father is a must-watch. This documentary unravels when a woman's DNA test evolves into an intense quest for answers. As numerous matches emerge for siblings, the shocking truth begins to surface. Dr. Donald Cline, a renowned fertility specialist, is revealed to be part of a donor sperm scheme, employing his own sperm to impregnate these women.

Dr. Cline's actions leave his half-siblings grappling with numerous questions and the horrors of their familial connections. The documentary Our Father chillingly portrays a man's abuse of authority and the far-reaching consequences of the secrets it spawns. The intricacies of this exceptional case and the challenges faced by law enforcement in prosecuting the man for his crimes make this documentary as exasperating as it is frightening.


#7. Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey (2022)

What's a list of disturbing documentaries without a cult, right? Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey takes you through the ascent of Warren Jeffs in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The series unfolds through interviews with victims of this harmful polygamous practice and the man who wielded authority within the religious community. When someone like Warren Jeffs holds sway over a vulnerable group, all reason seems to vanish, with cult members viewing him as a prophet beyond any human authority.


Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey tells a tale as old as time, though it doesn't make it any easier to digest. The docuseries delves deep into the murky depths of cults masquerading as religions. If the disturbing mix of mental manipulation, and an obsession with power, money, sex, and authority sends shivers down your spine, consider making Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey your next watch.

#8. Worst Roommate Ever (2022)


Worst Roommate Ever, a Netflix docuseries, resurrects a forgotten fear we've all brushed aside. Seeking a roommate online seems innocent enough, something we've done in college, at camp, and as young professionals. Yet, in the real world, the individuals you encounter might be more perilous than you'd ever imagine. The series portrays unsuspecting everyday folks trying to navigate their nightmarish lives courtesy of their new roommates.

Worst Roommate Ever is the kind of documentary that lays bare the most alarming reality today—it's not the paranormal or deadly animals; it's, in fact, other people. This series will leave you questioning trust in strangers, as it unveils true accounts of scams and threats that can manifest in various forms and sizes.


#9. Abducted in Plain Sight (2017)

Abducted in Plain Sight, a 2017 documentary, unravels the meticulous infiltration and devastation masterminded by Robert Berchtold against the Broberg family, all to feed his dark and twisted fantasies involving Jan Broberg. From an alien abduction tale to mind-blowing affairs, Berchtold's sinister scheme intensifies as the layers of this intricate situation come to light.

What Makes It Disturbing
Abducted in Plain Sight is crafted to utterly astonish you, leaving your jaw on the floor. If you think you can predict the twists in this documentary, think again. It delivers a harsh reality check to the Broberg family, shattering their trust in the man they held closest. A film that breeds paranoia, it'll also make you question who you can truly trust in your own life.


#10. Amanda Knox (2016)

The Amanda Knox documentary on Netflix is likely one you've heard about. This infamous case delves into the aftermath of the murder of an exchange student in Italy. Amanda Knox faced charges, a trial, conviction, and eventual acquittal. However, the lingering question of her responsibility still hangs in the air. This documentary aims to address those questions, urging audiences to ponder the implications of her guilt or innocence.


Amanda Knox is the type of case and documentary that holds up a mirror to all of us. It reveals that killers and suspected killers don't have to conform to a particular stereotype to commit heinous acts. There's an unsettling aspect to how normal and composed Knox appears throughout the documentary, making you contemplate whether she's an exceptionally convincing and well-functioning psychopath or just one of us.

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