Family Legacy: Who Adopted Quincy Brown? Revealed in Family Legacy Season 1

Who adopted Quincy Brown? The answer was revealed in the soon-to-air series Family Legacy, produced by Paramount+ and MTV.

    The soon-to-air series Family Legacy, produced by Paramount+ and MTV, is set to feature the children of some of the most popular musicians of the 1990s. Viewers will get a unique perspective on their beloved artists as their children take the spotlight and discuss their experiences of having a celebrity parent, the difficulties that come with it, and what it is like being around them when the camera isn't rolling. Quincy Brown, adopted by rapper Sean Diddy Combs at the age of three, will be one of the main stars of the show.

    #1. Quincy Brown’s family history 

    Who Adopted Quincy Brown


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    Family Legacy, the upcoming Paramount+ series, will focus on Sean Combs's three children, one of whom was adopted by him at the age of three. Combs was born in 1991 to Kim Porter and Albert Joseph Brown III and was raised by his mother after they separated.

    Quincy’s biological father was born on June 4, 1968, and met Kim in 1989. Two years later, they welcomed Quincy into their lives. While it is unclear when the two broke up, Diddy and Kim started dating in the 90s and welcomed their first son, Christian, in 1998, who is also set to appear in Family Legacy. In 2018, Kim Porter passed away from a lung infection. At the time, Quincy was filming for a series called Star.

    The singer is close to both of his fathers and has a huge family. On his biological father’s side, he has two brothers, Albert Brown IV and Devin Brown. From his mother’s side, the upcoming Family Legacy cast member has a younger half-brother and two half-sisters, and from his adoptive father’s side, Justin Combs, who will also appear in the upcoming Paramount+ show.

    #2. What did Quincy Brown share?


    Who Adopted Quincy Brown

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    The upcoming cast member of the docuseries spoke to TV Insider about the show that is set to honor his father along with several other musical legends of the 1990s. He will be joined by his siblings Justin and Christian in the episode about Diddy. He described being a part of the series as “surreal” and added that it’s hard for him to open up because of the way the world sees his family.

    He added: "We’ve lived this life for so long that we have nothing but respect for every move made. To realise everything that was accomplished, there is truly a legacy."

    As for seeing old footage during Family Legacy, he said that taking a trip down memory lane was “mind-boggling.” He added that a lot of times, one sees footage of themselves at a younger age, and it does something to them. He added that it’s almost like they were all under the same industry umbrella but also just “regular people” at the same time. He continued that it was fun to look back and that it was “cool” to see the history.


    #3. Family Legacy: Who is the cast?

    Who Adopted Quincy Brown

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    The cast of the show includes Sammy Hagar’s (Van Halen) son, Andrew Hagar, who is an American singer and songwriter. He previously spent time working in the fields of journalism, video gaming, tequila business, and as an MMA and Kickboxing coach. Bailey Cypheridge, the daughter of Melissa Etheridge, is also part of the cast. She made the news in 2020 when she shared a heartfelt tribute for her late brother who passed away due to an overdose.

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