Arnold Schwarzenegger Pays Special Tribute To Bruce Willis After He Decided To End His Career

Arnold Schwarzenegger pays special tribute to Bruce Willis after his retirement. Read how the action icons became friends and co-stars.

Bruce Willis, one of the most iconic action stars of all time, has retired from acting due to his health condition. The Die Hard star was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD), a progressive brain disorder that affects language, behavior and memory. His family and fans have expressed their love and support for him during this difficult time.

One of his friends and co-stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has also shared his admiration and respect for Willis in a touching tribute. The former governor of California praised Willis as a “huge, huge star” and a “kind man” who will always be remembered for his legendary roles. He also said that action heroes never really retire, they just reload.

#1. How Schwarzenegger and Willis became action icons together


Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred alongside one another in 'The Expendables'

Source: Liongate

In the first two Expendables movies (2010 and 2012), Schwarzenegger and Willis joined forces as action legends.


Willis played Mr Church, a CIA agent who pretended to be a businessman in a church.

Schwarzenegger portrayed Trench Mauser, a former colleague and competitor of Barney Ross, the leader of the Expendables.

#2. Arnold Schwarzenegger pays special tribute to Bruce Willis following his retirement announcement


Bruce Willis has starred in a whole multitude of action movies

Source: Liongate

Schwarzenegger praised his Expendables colleague as ‘fantastic’ in a recent interview.


He said to Cinema Blend: "He was, always for years and years, is a huge, huge star. And I think that he will always be remembered as a great, great star. And a kind man."

"I understand that under his circumstances, health-wise, that he had to retire.

"But in general, you know, we never really retire. Action heroes, they reload."


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#3. How Willis’ family and fans are coping with his diagnosis

Fans of the 'Die Hard' star have flooded to social media in support of him and his family


Source: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

Willis’ family expressed their gratitude to all the fans and friends of the star for their continuous support in a post on the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration’s (AFTD) Meme Funny.

The statement says: "As a family, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the outpouring of love and compassion for Bruce over the past ten months. Your generosity of spirit has been overwhelming, and we are tremendously grateful for it.


"[...] Bruce has always found joy in life - and has helped everyone he knows to do the same. It has meant the world to see that sense of care echoed back to him and to all of us.

"We have been so moved by the love you have all shared for our dear husband, father, and friend during this difficult time.

"Your continued compassion, understanding, and respect will enable us to help Bruce live as full a life as possible."


Willis’ wife, Emma Heming Willis, has shared online how the Die Hard star is coping with the condition and how the family are supporting him with his diagnosis.

She recently revealed the amazing way young Evelyn is helping her dad, which made the proud mom an ‘absolute puddle’.

Evelyn said she had been ‘researching facts’ about her father’s condition during her spare time at school, which Emma called the most ‘loving and compassionate thing you can do’.


Bruce Willis is a legend in the action genre and a beloved star in Hollywood. His retirement from acting due to his health condition is a sad news for his fans and friends. However, he is not alone in this journey. He has the support and love of his family, who are helping him cope with his diagnosis. He also has the admiration and respect of his co-stars, who have paid tribute to him and his legacy. He may have retired from acting, but he will never retire from being an action hero. He will always be remembered for his iconic roles and his joy in life. We wish him all the best and hope he finds peace and happiness.

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