7 Favorite Actors Who Got Out Of Showbiz And Enjoyed An Ordinary Life

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For most individuals, there is no greater dream than to become famous. Many people in the entertainment industry enjoy a level of celebrity and financial success that most of us can only dream about.

    For most individuals, there is no greater dream than to become famous. Many people in the entertainment industry enjoy a level of celebrity and financial success that most of us can only dream about. Even though popularity is something that many people strive for, some people have given up on the spotlight and left the entertainment industry. 

    These aren't troubled artists or iconic actors forced to leave Hollywood. Instead, these talented individuals stopped much too soon when they showed promise. These renowned persons have given up their popularity and are now working in average professions, either because they couldn't manage the recognition that came with the position or because of personal tragedy. These actors who have chosen normality over fame serve as a reminder that fame can be a cruel mistress. 

    1. Glenda Jackson

    Source: Getty Images
    Source: Getty Images

    Beginning her career on stage in the United Kingdom in the 1950s, Glenda Jackson quickly progressed through the ranks before making the switch to cinema in the 1960s. Over the next decade, she had great success, winning two Oscars for best actress for her performances in Women in Love and A Touch of Class and being nominated for two more Oscars in the same category. She was a big star but left the industry to enter politics. She entered politics in 1992, winning a seat for the Labour Party and remaining in Parliament until 2015.

    2 . Cary Grant

    Cary Grant, born in Britain, joined theater companies while still young. After relocating to Hollywood, he was cast in films including North by Northwest, That Touch of Mink, and The Philadelphia Story. Grant rose to prominence and financial security as a leading man during that period. He quit acting at age 62 to focus on his other business activities and on caring for his newborn daughter after becoming disillusioned with Hollywood and the absence of excellent scripts he got. 

    3. Peter Ostrum

    These days, nobody would probably recognize Peter Ostrum as Charlie from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. After filming wrapped, he opted not to pursue acting further and returned to solitary. After his family bought a horse while he was a teenager, he decided to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. His career choice led him to focus on big animals like cattle and horses.

    4. Jake Lloyd

    Although most people won't know Jake Lloyd by name, they will recognize him as Anakin Skywalker from The Phantom Menace. Lloyd also appeared in other films, including Jingle All the Way, before retiring from the industry due to his negative experiences following the release of the Star Wars picture. His 2012 statement, "Other children were mean to me," echoes this sentiment. When they spotted me, they'd always make that lightsaber noise. In a word, it was insane.

    5. Frankie Muniz

    The actor who played Malcolm in the Middle on television, starred in several films after leaving the show. Nonetheless, he essentially left the performing business in 2008. He wasn't completely burned out on acting (he had a few small jobs recently) but was ready to pursue new passions. Muniz has also played in an alternative band and raced cars. He finally admitted to managing a band in 2017.

    6. Phoebe Cates

    As a young performer, Phoebe Cates shot to fame. Her breakout role in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" cemented her status as a global s** icon. Before she retired from performing in 1994, she had starred in films including Gremlins and Drop Dead Fred. This was done mostly so she and her husband, Kevin Kline, could start a family. Cates subsequently went into business in New York City, selling apparel and accessories for women.

    7. Gene Hackman

    At one time, Gene Hackman was among the highest-paid performers in Hollywood. After his breakthrough performance as Buck Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde, he was featured in other films, such as Mississippi Burning, Superman: The Movie, and Enemy of the State. His final film appearance was in 2004's Welcome to Mooseport, and after that, he retired from the industry.

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