Who Are The Cast Of Game Of Love; Hallmark: Full Cast List Revealed

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Hallmark Channel will debut a romantic new movie  ‘Game Of Love’ soon. Here is the full cast list of ‘Game Of Love’ Hallmark to keep you updated.

    Hallmark Channel will debut a romantic new movie ‘Game Of Love’ soon, and the leading man is a face familiar to soap opera viewers: Brooks Darnell. The handsome actor will star opposite Kimberley Sustad in Game of Love, airing as part of the network’s “Spring Into Love” programming. Who else are the casts of this upcoming romantic show? Here is the full cast list of ‘Game Of Love’ Hallmark to keep you updated.

    #1. ‘Game Of Love’ Hallmark premiere date

    ‘Game Of Love’ Hallmark premiere date

    Source: Hallmark

    Hallmark's upcoming romantic comedy film, titled Game of Love, will premiere on the channel on Saturday, March 11, 2023. Things get complicated when she is paired with an outside consultant who seems to have an entirely different perspective on love. The film centers around a young woman who's developing a board game about love.

    #2. What is Hallmark's Game of Love about?

    What is Hallmark's Game of Love about?

    Source: TC

    The story of this movie starts with the characters named Audrey and Mathew. Audrey is a creative game designer and Mathew is a marketing consultant. They were planning to create a game that helps players to find romance. But they were assigned to deliver their work in a short span of time. So they both worked together and created a new game which is uncommon and, at the same meantime, they fell in love with each other.

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    #3. Hallmark's Game of Love cast list

    1. Kimberley Sustad as Audrey

    Hallmark's Game of Love cast list

    Source: People

    Kimberley Sustad dons the lead role of Audrey in the new Hallmark movie, Game of Love. Audrey and Matthew, who's joined her to develop a romantic board game, share conflicting views on love and it is their relationship that forms the crux of the story.
    Sustad looks charming and lively in a sneak peek of the film, promising to deliver a memorable performance. Apart from Game of Love, Kimberley Sustad is known for her appearances in Lights, Camera, Christmas!, Spotlight on Christmas, and Wedding Every Weekend, to name a few.

    2. Claude Knowlton as Pierre

    Hallmark's Game of Love cast list

    Source: Variety

    Actor Claude Knowlton essays the role of Pierre in Game of Love. Details about his character are currently being kept under tight wraps, but viewers can expect him to play an important role in the film. Claude Knowlton has previously appeared in Sealed With a Kiss: Wedding March 6, We Wish You a Married Christmas, Darrow & Darrow: Witness to Murder, and many more.
    Apart from Kimberley Sustad, Brooks Darnell, and Claude Knowlton, Game of Love also stars several others in pivotal supporting/minor roles like: Michael Teigen as Robbie Indigo, Kareem Malcolm as Mike, Edwin Perez as Marshall, Karina Frislev as Kiki.

    3. Brooks Darnell as Matthew

    Hallmark's Game of Love cast list

    Source: Parade

    Actor Brooks Darnell portrays the character of Matthew in the new Hallmark romantic comedy movie. Matthew is a consultant who joins Audrey to develop a romantic board game, but their opposing views on love make it difficult for them to work together.
    Darnell looks quite impressive, portraying his character's raw charisma and charm with absolute ease in the film's sneak peek. His other notable film and TV acting credits include Advice to Love By, Let's Meet Again on Christmas Eve, and A Christmas Miracle, among others.

    Game of Love is Darnell’s fifth movie for the network, and part of the multi-picture deal that the actor signed with Hallmark Media late last year. “I am excited to continue my relationship with the Hallmark family,” Darnell told.  “I feel blessed that I get to make feel-good movies that all families and people can enjoy and look forward to seeing what’s next!”
    Darnell joined the cast of Y&R in July 2018 as the son of Nathan Hastings and Olivia Winters. He parted ways with the soap in April 2019 and became a member of the Hallmark family that December when he starred in A Christmas Miracle for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Brooks’ other Hallmark films include All Yours, Advice to Love By, A Winter Getaway, and Holiday Heritage, which was the network’s first Kwanzaa-themed film. He also starred in Lifetime’s Let’s Meet Again on Christmas Eve.

    Hallmark's official sneak peek of the film shows a casual conversation between the two lead characters talking about how to develop the board game. The two spitball many ideas, but they don't seem to agree on the fundamental idea of what love means. Based on the sneak peek, viewers can expect a charming romantic comedy perfect for weekend viewing

    Don't miss Game of Love on Hallmark Channel on Saturday, March 11, 2023, at 8 pm ET.

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