Succession Season 4 Ending Explained: What Happened To Roy Members?

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What is Succession Season 4 Ending Explained? So, who emerged victorious in the high-stakes power struggle? Which Roy sibling managed to claim their father's legacy?

    What is Succession Season 4 Ending Explained? The finale of Succession, titled "With Open Eyes," delivered the expected mix of jaw-dropping moments, witty remarks, and dark humor that has made the show a sensation. In this 90-minute episode, Kendall, Roman, and Shiv engaged in a fierce battle to gain control over Waystar RoyCo, amidst the chaos of the GoJo deal. Initially united against their father, Logan, the siblings' alliance shattered after his passing. Kendall made a calculated move to seize power while keeping Roman in the dark, while Shiv pursued her own agenda by cozying up to Lukas Matsson, hoping to manipulate him into making her the CEO. 

    However, her plan backfired when the press caught wind of her intentions. So, who emerged victorious in the high-stakes power struggle? Which Roy sibling managed to claim their father's legacy? And how did the final episode of Succession leave our beloved characters, including Tom Wambsgans and Cousin Greg, in its wake?

    #1. What is happening to Tom Wambsgans in the finale?

    Succession Season 4 Ending Explained

    Source: HBO

    Tom Wambsgans faced an uncertain future as he tried to move on from his troubled marriage to Shiv. During a meeting with Matsson and the GoJo team, Tom's worries about his survival led to him lashing out at Greg. At dinner, Tom sacrificed his professional worth and personal well-being to secure his position at the company. Matsson confessed his doubts about Shiv's CEO role and offered Tom the position but as a mere figurehead without a partnership. 

    Tom's revelation to Shiv sparked her fury, leading to clashes with Greg and a warning to Matsson about the siblings' plans. Despite the Roy siblings' board defeat, Tom is celebrated as the expected CEO at Waystar, but his encounter with Shiv hints at a despondent future in their unhappy marriage.

    #2. What is happening to Connor Roy in the finale?

    Succession Season 4 Ending Explained

    Source: HBO

    Connor Roy, now residing in his father's New York apartment, gathered his siblings, Tom and Greg, to decide on their father's belongings. Willa, Connor's partner, expressed her intentions to redecorate the apartment. Connor entertained his siblings with a humorous video featuring their father Logan enjoying a dinner with Kerry, Gerri, Karl, and Frank. In that moment, the siblings shared a heartwarming connection, and amidst it all, Connor and Willa appeared to be the happiest of the bunch.

    #3. What is happening to Shiv Roy in the finale?

    Succession Season 4 Ending Explained

    Source: HBO

    Shiv Roy kicked off the finale by strategizing with the GoJo team and assessing board members' support for the acquisition. She fought for her husband Tom's position at ATN, but Matsson remained skeptical. Shiv traveled to the Caribbean to win over Roman's support and ease her mother's worries, but encountered Kendall who revealed Matsson's plan to abandon her as CEO. Despite her initial denial and anger, Shiv joined forces with her brothers to thwart the Matsson deal, yet they couldn't agree on who should be the CEO.

    As the board vote approached, Shiv had a crucial conversation with Kendall and Roman, causing her to question her stance. In a surprising turn, Shiv walked out of the vote and had a private meeting with her brothers. Ultimately, she decided not to kill the deal and voted in favor of the acquisition. Tom became the new CEO, but their celebratory moment was overshadowed by Shiv's emotional detachment. Although she despised Tom, she felt trapped by their connection and the power he represents.

    #4. What is happening to Roman Roy in the finale?

    Succession Season 4 Ending Explained

    Source: HBO

    Roman Roy's whereabouts were initially unknown, but he was found hiding in the Caribbean with Lady Caroline Collingwood. Kendall and Shiv visited him to convince him about their voting intentions for the GoJo deal, leading to arguments and accusations. Caroline encouraged the siblings to sell and partner with her husband Peter Munion.

    After being betrayed by Matsson, Shiv reunited with Kendall and Roman to sabotage the deal, yet they debated on who should become CEO. Roman questioned his own suitability for the role and, ultimately, they decided to support Kendall. The siblings shared a heartfelt moment at their father's apartment, bonding over memories and emotions.

    At the board meeting, Roman initially voted against the deal, but tensions escalated as the siblings fought and Roman withdrew his support for all of them. With resignation, Roman signed the company over to Matsson. Finding solace in a bar, Roman smiled, feeling liberated and free.

    #5. What is happening to Kendall Roy in the finale?

    Succession Season 4 Ending Explained

    Source: HBO

    Kendall Roy struggled to secure support on the board, even from his old friend Stewy. He traveled to the Caribbean to reunite with Roman and Shiv, leading to heated arguments about the board vote. Shiv accused Kendall and Roman of pushing her out while admitting Shiv's winning in the battle for Waystar's soul.

    During a tense dinner with their mother, Caroline encouraged them to sell and partner with her husband Peter Munion. Kendall walked out and learned from Greg about Matsson's plan to abandon Shiv. Kendall informed Shiv, and they reconciled with Roman to take down Matsson. They debated on who should be CEO, and Kendall convinced them that he was the best choice. They celebrated their unity and gathered support before visiting their father's apartment for an emotional moment.

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    At the board meeting, Shiv walked out and voiced her doubts about Kendall's leadership. Threatened with the revelation of the driver's death, Kendall denied it, causing Roman's anger. Roman and Shiv refused to vote for Kendall, claiming Logan would want Shiv to succeed. Roman mocked Kendall for having adopted children, resulting in a physical fight. The deal went through, and Kendall, feeling broken, walked to the river alone, gazing at the horizon.

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