Stream or Skip? Thicker Than Water Review: Worth Watching Or Not?

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Thicker Than Water is a French-language thriller that follows a family struggling to stay together while facing a series of criminal activities, drugs, and cover-ups. Is the movie worth watching?

    Thicker Than Water is a French-language thriller that follows a family struggling to stay together while facing a series of criminal activities, drugs, and cover-ups. This series delves into the question of how far one should go to protect their loved ones and what they have built. Netflix has been releasing numerous limited series lately, such as The Night Agent and Unseen, both of which have been successful in drawing in viewers and making their way up the streaming platform's top 10 chart. Will Thicker Than Water be able to do the same? It remains to be seen, but here is all the information available on the show.

    #1. What is Thicker Than Water about?

    Thicker Than Water review

    Source: IMDb

    Thicker Than Water, which hails from Nawell Madani and Simon Jablonka, tells the story of Fara, an up-and-coming TV journalist who is forced to risk everything in order to protect her brother. Per the official synopsis: “A journalist’s life devolves into chaos when she shields her brother from the law, inadvertently entangling her family in a drug lord’s merciless scheme.”
    In the trailer, Fara and her sisters team up to help their brother, only to get caught up in the criminal underworld after burning a car filled with a drug lord’s stash. Together they must hatch a plan to fix the mess they’ve found themselves in – the question is: will their plan work or have they taken their façade too far?
    It’s a question that will be answered throughout the eight-episode series. 

    #2. Thicker Than Water cast: Who’s in it?

    Thicker Than Water review

    Source: IMDb

    Netflix’s Thicker Than Water cast includes:

    • Nawell Madani – Fara
    • Kahina Carina – Souhila
    • Paola Locatelli – Lina

    In addition to the main cast, Djebril Zonga, Vincent Rottiers, Radouan Leflahi, Paul Hamy, Kahina Carina, Nawell Madani, Carima Amarouche, and Mayane Sarah El Baze will also be appearing in the show - but their roles remain a mystery. Madani's fame stems from her work with the Jamel Comedy Club, so it looks like the show will be delivering a mix of action and humor.

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    #3. Stream or Skip? Is Thicker Than Water worth watching?

    Thicker Than Water review

    Source: TV Guide

    Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of early reviews for Thicker Than Water, nor is there a Rotten Tomatoes score. That being said, any new Netflix Originals always spark intrigue, with FirstShowing writing: “This seems like a legit series, though a bit campy with the drug plot. It has a good setup and a clever cast bringing levity to this drug lord story.”

    The series gives a commentary on how their village is connected, and if something happens in one corner, the news of it reaches someone at another corner. At the same time, the villagers who are connected so well aren’t ready to take responsibility for a situation; they start playing the blame game. The series throws light on the corruption that exists in the police force. It also shows how the media is responsible today for creating an image about a person or an organization and, at the same time, being able to distort it.

    Thicker Than Water review

    Source: MEAWW

    One aspect that the series very clearly addresses is that family relationships and ties remain sacred, and whether or not they are in the holy month of Ramadan, the women would go to any extent to rescue the family, living up to the title of the series. The series is fun to watch if you are interested in learning more about how working women are represented on television or OTT platforms. In this series, they are shown struggling to make a mark and scale higher amidst patriarchal ideologies. The dialogues at some point hint at the women being weaker and inferior in comparison to men, unable to be a part of a challenging business. But the characters care less about the stereotypes and assumptions surrounding them; empowered by the presence and support of one another, they start marching ahead.


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