Is Taylor Swift Dating Alexander Skarsgard Post The Giver? Everything We Know

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Is Taylor Swift dating Alexander Skarsgard? Let us take a peek into their brief romance!

    We are going to throw it way back to 2013. People are wondering as to which co-star Alexander Skarsgard would be dating next after it was just announced that he would be in The Giver movie alongside Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift.

    Fans began to suspect that Alexander Skarsgard, known for his habit of dating his co-stars, was seeing Taylor Swift, who back then had just broken up with Robert Kennedy’s grandson, Conor Kennedy. Is Taylor Swift dating Alexander Skarsgard? Let us take a peek into their brief romance!

    #1. How Did Alexander Skarsgard And Taylor Swift Meet?

    Is Taylor Swift dating Alexander Skarsgard

    Source: Irish Mirror

    When it was announced that the young adult novel The Giver would be made into a movie, many people were ecstatic. In addition, the cast would be comprised of A-list actors including Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, and Alexander Skarsgard. Now, things began to be interesting as Alexander is known to have something for dating his co-stars, and Taylor seems to have a thing for older guys. Fans started to suspect that they would date for a while as a result!

    Before they traveled to Cape Town to begin filming The Giver, several sources said that the pair "had a couple of dinners in LA" during the beginning of their relationship. Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Swift spent some time together when they were in Cape Town, occasionally going out to eat. The pair have been pictured arriving and leaving the restaurant for several dinners and lunches with their fellow castmates. Furthermore, Jeff Bridges' insistence on cultivating a close-knit atmosphere among the cast members was likely helpful.

    Besides, Alexander Skarsgard disclosed that he frequently engaged in "jam sessions" with Taylor Swift, his most recent flame. He shared that people “take turns and play the piano and sing.” He also referred to the occasion as “really lovely.” Oh, the joys of being in love!

    #2. Is Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams About Alexander Skarsgard?

    Is Taylor Swift dating Alexander Skarsgard

    Source: Bunte

    Taylor Swift’s 1989 was a complete masterpiece. Like every prior album by Taylor, it was filled with many songs dedicated to her exes, written and composed by yours truly. Fans were certain that one song, in particular, was about the hunky, handsome actor Alexander Skarsgard among the tracks purported to be about Harry Styles and Calvin Harris. It was Wildest Dreams.

    After Taylor released the music video for "Wildest Dreams," many fans believed in a greater depth of this hypothesis. In the video, Taylor donned brunette-black hair, just like her hair in the movie. Moreover, the video was shot in Africa, the exact location of The Giver’s filming location. Fans also brought up the lyrics from Wildest Dreams, "he's tall and handsome as hell," noting Alexander's height of 6' 4" and the fact that he is handsome as hell.

    #3. Is Taylor Swift Dating Alexander Skarsgard? 

    Is Taylor Swift dating Alexander Skarsgard

    Source: Bunte

    Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Swift would undoubtedly make a lovely couple … if only they dated for real. A spokeswoman for Taylor Swift, however, dispelled the rumor and asserted that those tales were wholly made up sometime after the rumor went wild. "Taylor never met Alexander before she arrived in South Africa," said her representative. They concluded, "They're not dating." The statement contradicted several reports that said Taylor acted “like a giddy school girl around Alex.”

    After Taylor's representative released the statement, Alexander moved on and fell in love with British actress Alexa Chung two years later. Around the same time, Taylor Swift began dating Harry Styles for a period of time.

    Despite the assertion made by her representative that Alexander and Taylor never dated, all arrows pointed at Alexander through her song Wildest Dreams. It appears that the mystery will not be solved after all.

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