Is Maddie On 911 Pregnant in Real Life?

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Is Maddie on 911 pregnant? Explore her current roles and whereabouts in this exciting journey!

Jennifer Love Hewitt's character Maddie Buckley in 911 had a baby on the show, mirroring the actress's real-life pregnancy. She recently had her third child in 2021. Fans are now wondering if is Maddie on 911 pregnant in real life. However, there's no information available on Maddie's character being pregnant again in the series.

#1. Is Maddie On 911 Pregnant in Real Life?

is Maddie pregnant on 911

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Jennifer Love Hewitt is not currently pregnant in real life, so the question "Is Maddie on 9-1-1 pregnant?" can be put to rest. Despite ongoing speculation, there hasn't been any official announcement regarding a fourth pregnancy from the actress. She had previously mentioned that her third child would be her last, and she welcomed her third child, Aidan, in September 2021.

Maddie, like Jennifer, doesn't have plans for more children. She's focused on settling into a new home with her partner Chimney and their daughter Jee-Yun, prioritizing her role as a mother. So, fans can likely expect no more pregnancies from either the actress or her character. In the upcoming episodes, we'll see how Maddie strengthens her bond with her daughter after being away.

#2. Maddie on 911 Weight Gain 2023


"9-1-1" fans have been questioning Jennifer Love Hewitt's shifting weight. The actress, known for her role as Maddie Kendall, took a break from acting due to media scrutiny about her body.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, born in Texas in 1979, began her career early in TV ads and Disney's "Kids Incorporated." She found fame in "Party of Five" and "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

Jennifer faced body criticism in 2007, which she addressed but didn't overly concern her. She enjoys sweets but also lost weight in 2008 with a personal trainer.


Currently, she stars as Maddie Kendall on "9-1-1," but her popularity has dipped partly due to media scrutiny about her body and a film with a poor box office opening. Jennifer remains focused on her health and family, undisturbed by others' opinions about her body.

#3. Is Maddie On 911 Pregnant Again?

These days, Love Hewitt is a devoted mother to her three beautiful children. In June 2013, Hewitt and her co-star Hallisay got engaged and shared the news of Hallisay's upcoming parenthood. They exchanged vows on November 20, 2013, in a lovely wedding ceremony.


Their first child, Autumn James, was born in mid-November 2013. In June 2015, they welcomed their son Atticus James into the world. Their third child, Aidan James Hewitt, arrived in September 2021, completing their loving family.

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