6 benefits of yoga for women health

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Practicing yoga regularly helps women improve their health, reduce stress and joint pain, balance hormones and sleep better.

Yoga is a training method that combines body and mind, increases flexibility, and prevents back pain and cardiovascular disease. Women who regularly practice yoga can gain many benefits.

Increase feelings of happiness

Besides improving physical health, yoga also improves mood and feelings of happiness, reducing anxiety. Practitioners have better quality sleep thanks to calming the mind.

Improve bone health

Stretching movements in yoga help improve muscle and bone health. For example, the bridge pose helps reduce back pain, tones the buttocks and legs, and makes bones and joints more flexible.

To do bridge pose, start lying on your back with your knees bent or bent, keeping your feet and hips on the mat, making sure your knees and ankles are in a straight line.


Place your hands at your sides, inhale and press your feet into the ground, gently lifting your hips up. The practitioner slowly lifts the lower back, middle back and upper back off the mat.

Touch your chest to your chin, supporting your body weight with your shoulders, arms and feet. Hold that position for 5 long breaths, relax the position and lower your hips.

Yoga is good for women's physiological and immune health.  Photo: Freepik


6 benefits of yoga for women's health

Yoga helps enhance immunity and female physiology. Photo: Freepik


Losing weight

Yoga's ability to burn calories is less than stationary cycling. A woman weighing about 70 kg who practices yoga for 30 minutes consumes about 149 calories. Meanwhile, cycling can burn about 260 calories.

Yoga has the effect of losing weight and maintaining a more sustainable, reasonable weight. Elderly people who spend 30 minutes exercising each week can prevent weight gain and stabilize their body mass index. People who exercise regularly along with moderate living and eating scientifically can prevent many diseases.


Good for cardiovascular

This exercise contributes to lowering blood pressure and improving lipid levels in patients with coronary artery disease. Yoga also contributes to reducing blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

Improve immune system


Yoga helps improve the immune system. If immunity is weakened, the risk of many diseases increases. Yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, thereby contributing to increased resistance.

Contributes to hormonal balance

Stress can cause hormonal imbalance. Yoga focuses on breathing to help relax. When the practitioner bends down, exhales, and presses the body's organs, some toxins escape from those organs, stimulating hormone balance.


Specifically, the cobra pose mainly bends the back, stretches the chest, shoulders and abdomen, reducing stress and fatigue. This movement contributes to strengthening the back and better blood circulation.


Step 1: Lie face down on the yoga mat, legs together, palms placed directly under the shoulders, elbows stretched straight back.


Step 2: Use force to press your thighs and hips close to the floor, then use force from your hands to lift your upper body up.

Step 3: Keep your neck in a balanced state, eyes facing the floor. Inhale and exhale in this position for 5 seconds, then return to the starting position.

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