Who Is The Strongest Disney Villain By Raw Power? The Ranked Names Will Knock Your Socks Off

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Disney villains are portrayed as ruthless, crafty, and endowed with great power. What rank were they in their society? Here is the answer!

    One of the most iconic figures in pop culture is Disney. Disney movies always leave an indelible mark on the audience. Just like everyone has a favorite Disney princess, just like everyone has a favorite Disney villain. No matter your taste in villainy, Disney has got you covered. Whether you favor a strong villain like Gaston, a villain that is more calculating like Mother Gothel, or a good surprise villain like Bellwether. They are all portrayed as ruthless, crafty, and endowed with great power that is challenging to overcome. What rank were they in their society? Did they succeed in their goal? All of these and more went into cutting the wheat from the chaff. Here is a ranking of the top Disney villains for your perusal.

    #12. The Lion King: Scar

    Disney villains

    Source: Time

    By placing the blame on his nephew, Simba, Scar assures his ascent to power. Scar's ability to rally an army of hyenas and plunge the Pridelands into darkness is evidence that he was inspired by both Shakespearian characters, Hamlet, and Adolf Hitler. If Simba hadn't returned to take his rightful place, Scar's reign would have continued. Up until he battles Simba and commits the same mistake Anakin does when facing Obi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith: he loses the high ground.

    #11. Beauty And The Beast: Gaston

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Wiki

    We shouldn't underestimate what humans are capable of when they are driven by a strong enough desire for something. Gaston desires to claim Bell as his wife. However, he is not what she wants. Unfortunately for her, he possesses a number of strengths that shouldn't be underrated, including charisma, brute strength, and an overwhelming determination.

    In the end, Gaston probably would have defeated the prince and won the battle at the castle if not for the Beast's curse, which ironically gave him super strength.

    #10. Peter Pan: Captain Hook

    Disney villains

    Source: Wordpress

    Is Neverland's foremost pirate Captain really that much of a "codfish?" Captain Hook is a very adept swordsman and hook user, like the others in his line of employment. He's a keen tactician, too. Peter might know how to push Hook's buttons, but that relationship can go both ways. Hook causes a rift between Peter and Tinkerbell, who is his closest ally, in addition to kidnapping Tiger Lily and the Lost Boys to entrap Peter. Peter is also made fun of for not using his flight to nearly defeat him in hand-to-hand combat.

    #9. Oliver And Company: Bill Sykes

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Wiki

    A literal crime boss and loan shark, Disney pulled no punches with him. Although Sykes spends the majority of his brief screen time in the shadows, we do hear him telling someone over the phone how to kill someone by viciously injuring them, so there's something. Everyone who gets in his way, including kids and animals, will be destroyed by him. Given that he is familiar with Jenny's family, Sykes is familiar with all the important figures in New York and is able to recall their names, addresses, and phone numbers. You shouldn't try to cross him.

    #8. The Princess And The Frog: Doctor Facilier

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Wiki

    The shady New Orleans voodoo doctor who performs magic tricks and has the ability to see into people's hearts doesn't appear like much. However, when he accesses a portal to his friends on the other side, that changes things. Facilier only needs to open a portal to another dimension and call upon strong beings there to carry out his orders. These so-called "friends" summon him to their world after shattering the amulet, and they leave a gravestone where he once stood.

    #7. The Little Mermaid: Ursula

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Wiki

    Ariel's voice is stolen by the sea witch Ursula, one of the most well-known and beloved Disney villains, in return for her gift of walking. Ursula brags about people coming to her to solve their issues. It demonstrates that she has a dubious but enduring reputation that did indeed steal Ariel's voice and gave her legs. Old clients who fell for her tricks and turned into shriveled-up seaweed-looking creatures can be found in her cave.

    #6. Mulan: Shan Yu

    Disney villains

    Source: Syfywire

    Shan Yu, the most merciless antagonist in the Disney universe, should not be trifled with. His victory over Li Shang in battle demonstrated his skill as a master strategist and fighter, whether armed or unarmed, as the commander of the Hun army. In order to demonstrate his prowess, Shan Yu is not above killing both opponents and innocent bystanders. By using items found on an old doll, Shan Yu was able to acquire enough strategic intelligence to know where and when to strike Shang's men, demonstrating his proficiency in tracking and recognizing.

    #5. Aladdin: Jafar

    Disney villains

    Source: Fan Pop

    Sultan's advisor, Jafar, briefly held the title of the most potent sorcerer in the world. He ultimately loses because he is unable to hold onto this power. But even a person with the strength and magic of a genie would find him to be a formidable foe due to his cunning and magical skills.

    #4. The Sword In The Stone: Madam Mim

    Disney villains

    Source: Youtube

    Madam Mim, a reluctant acquaintance of Merlin, is yet another underappreciated villain. She challenges Arthur to a wizards' duel and reveals her many powers. She despises everything well. She has the ability to change into a number of animals, including an actual dragon. She displays incredible strength by turning into a dragon, but Merlin defeats her.

    #3. Fantasia: Chernabog

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Wiki

    The dangerous demon Chernabog is referred to be Satan. He represents evil and utilizes evil to stay in power. Chernabog was replaced by The Firebird in Fantasia 2000. He emerged from the fiery lava and piercing eyes of the pit of hell. Chernabog and The Firebird both have unmatched power.

    #2. Hercules: Hades

    Disney villains

    Source: Blog Spot

    As we know him from Hercules, Hades is still the god of the Underworld and the sibling of Zeus, who is the most potent deity on Mount Olympus. He was able to sap all of Hercules' power and had power over Megara's destiny. Even though he ultimately fell short and occasionally needed the Fates' assistance, it doesn't matter because, as the god of the Underworld, he will eventually have control over all of these evildoers.

    #1. Sleeping Beauty: Maleficent

    Disney villains

    Source: Disney Princess

    Maleficent is undoubtedly history's most powerful villain. She doesn't require an external magical source to draw her strength from, unlike her other equal, Jafar. She possesses it in spades and is even capable of transforming into a huge fire-breathing dragon that very few could hope to slay. Moreover, she is among the absolutely evilest Disney villains. That scene where she goads and humiliates Philip is truly, truly menacing and shockingly dark for a children’s film.

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