Who is Angie Kenai From Outlast?

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Angie Kenai is one of Netflix Outlast's most intriguing participants. Many fans wonder who she is and where is she now. Here is updated information for you.

    Angie Kenai, whose impressive journey came to a halt due to circumstances beyond her control, is one of Netflix Outlast's most intriguing participants. People are naturally curious about the situation and where the contestant is now. So, shall we go over it all together?

    #1. Who is Angie Kanai?

    Who is Angie Kanai

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    Angie Kanai, with fluency in the English and Spanish languages, is a former member of the Texas State Guard. There, at the time, she worked to provide disaster relief. While most people would describe the job as grueling, she describes it as fun. Today, it seems, she is an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). This means she has learned the essential skills to help in life-threatening situations. She might have also thought of getting an Advanced EMT certificate or becoming a Paramedic. In November 2021, she organized a fundraiser asking people to help: further her education and get the “NREMT certification” under her belt up in Alaska. In the description, she explained that the course is $1,600, but she was asking for $1,800 to help cover any extra costs such as flights. When it was completed though, she was able to raise $1,070 USD only. FYI: The average salary for an EMT-basic is $16.17 per hour in San Antonio, Texas, as per indeed.com‘s estimation.

    #2. Why did Angie Kenai leave Netflix’s Outlast?

    Who is Angie Kanai

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    After entering the Netflix series, Angie Kenai became a member of Charlie Camp with her teammates Nick Radner, Andrea Hilderbrand, and Seth Lueker. However, she was far from happy about Nick’s behavior regarding taking charge. Initially relieved that she was not the only woman on her team, Angie was highly disappointed when Andrea decided to leave the show due to health reasons.

    Angie, as the only woman on her team, became dissatisfied with the team dynamics. The simmering tension became a heated argument during the crab pot task, when she insisted on being the one on the raft, which Nick strongly opposed. Despite this, Angie represented her team for the mission and was the only one who obtained crab pots. This helped to alleviate tensions among Charlie Camp members. While relations between Angie's team and Delta Camp soured after Paul Preece switched from the former to the latter, Charlie Camp was able to dominate the competition.

    Who is Angie Kanai

    Source: Parade

    After securing an alliance with Alpha Camp, Angie and her teammates had to refuse Javier Colón‘s request to join them not to increase their troubles. Now with only two teams in the play, Camps Charlie and Alpha were given a chance to fish as the winter grew stronger.

    Even though plenty of food would have customarily meant a good thing, Angie was a different case. The following day, she could not help but cry out from the constant pain in her stomach. Having not had a bowel moment in all of the 24 days that she had been on the show, she was apparently at a high risk of perforation. This meant a hole could be torn open in her digestive system, leaking the contents and contaminating her blood.

    Knowing that the situation could turn fatal, Angie was quickly evacuated to provide her with the requisite treatment, after which she would have the choice to come back or exit. Ultimately, she did not return and instead sent her teammates a heartfelt letter expressing her regrets and encouraging them to keep playing until the end.

    #3. Where is Angie Kenai now?

    Who is Angie Kanai

    Source: People

    Angie appeared to have recovered from the health issues that plagued her until the end of Outlast in March 2023. Despite this, she seemed pleased with her experience on the show. She has been enthusiastically promoting it. At times, she appeared to be spending her time outside as much as possible. Her favorite activities seemed to be trekking, hunting, fishing, and recurving bows while chasing hogs and turkeys. She had yet to complete her next goal of catching a shark at this point.

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