The Other Two Season 3: Full List Of Cast And Guest Stars

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If you're curious about 'The Other Two' the cast and guest stars joining season 3, we've got you covered.

    "The Other Two" season 3 is set to premiere on Thursday, May 4 on HBO Max, extending into the early part of the summer. The new season picks up with Cary and Brooke, who have achieved some success but still find themselves comparing their lives to others. While they have moved away from feeling overshadowed by their younger brother's fame and their mother's talk show host legacy, they continue to seek validation from new sources.
    Expect more hilarious antics as the beloved siblings navigate their personal journeys in this acclaimed comedy series. If you're curious about the cast and guest stars joining season 3, we've got you covered.

    #1. The Other Two season 3 plot revealed

    The Other Two Season 3 cast

    Source: Variety

    Not much is known about the plot of the third season of The Other Two, but the creators have dropped a few hints. Though the last season ends with Cary’s next project upended by the pandemic, Kelly and Schneider have confirmed they are not interested in making a pandemic season. Here's what Schneider told: 
    "...we do know that we aren't going to pick up in real-time and then have the family live through the pandemic. There's not really a special pandemic season or anything. We just sort of thought that, because our show is so grounded in reality, and then the real world and comments on what's going on socially in pop culture and stuff... It felt sort of odd for us to continue in a parallel universe where there was no pandemic. So we thought that joke let us acknowledge it, and then we can now sort of move forward in time without having to do a whole season that's about it or experiencing it in real-time."

    #2. The Other Two season 3 cast and guest stars

    • Main cast:

    The Other Two Season 3 cast

    Source: USA Today

    Drew Tarver as Cary
    Heléne Yorke as Brooke
    Molly Shannon as Pat
    Ken Marino as Streeter
    Case Walker as Chase

    • New guest stars:

    The Other Two Season 3 cast

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

    Simu Liu
    Fin Argus
    Ann Dowd
    Edie Falco
    Ben Platt
    Dylan O'Brien
    Lukas Gage
    Kiernan Shipka
    Lawrence O'Donnell
    Spike Einbinder
    Andrea Boehlke
    Dana Delaney

    The Other Two Season 3 cast

    Source: Variety

    While specific plot details for season 3 are limited, the creators have indicated that they will not focus on a pandemic storyline. Although Cary's next project was impacted by the pandemic in the previous season, the show's creators, Kelly and Schneider, have confirmed that they will not explore a dedicated pandemic season. They aim to acknowledge the situation and then move forward in time without dwelling on it extensively.
    New episodes of "The Other Two" season 3 will be released on Thursdays, but details regarding the episode count and the release schedule, including the availability of the finale, are yet to be announced. The show has not been renewed for a fourth season at this time.

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