The Animal Kingdom: Mamas Will Warm Your Heart With Their Love

The animal kingdom is full of mamas raising their adorable young. These wild mothers teach their offspring valuable lessons about survival.

    Mamas rearing their lovely offspring abound in the animal realm. These wild mothers teach their children important survival skills. Babies, on the other hand, sometimes just want to play. Even the coldest heart will melt when these beautiful moments are captured on camera. These are some of our favorite images of mommies in the woods with their children. Keep an eye out for a monkey mama keeping her infant warm in the cold!

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    #1. Penguin Love At First Sight.


    mama penguin

    Source: Chantelle Stobbe

    Chantelle Stobbe, a wildlife photographer, visited the Falkland Islands in 2015 to take this cute shot. Bluff Lagoon is a penguin haven on the islands, and this couple stood out from the crowd. According to Stobbe, this baby penguin enjoys being photographed and willingly posed for photographs with its mother.


    #2. Wild Orcas Splish Splashing Around.

    mama orca

    Source: Wolfgang Kaehler


    Orcas are playing here. It may be difficult to discern, but that is a mother splashing her calf. The photograph was taken in 2015 off the coast of Wrangell Island in Southeast Alaska. Orca calves can grow to be up to eight feet long and weigh up to 350 pounds when they are born. An orca can grow to be 32 feet long and weigh six tons when fully mature!

    #3. A Whale And Her Calf Surprise Tourists.

    whale mama


    Source: Mark Carwardine 

    A grey whale mother and her baby paid a visit to tourists off the coast of California in 2017. The whales approached the tourists, curious to meet them. Grey whales are one of the few species that cannot be kept in captivity. Attempts have been futile since whales are big migratory animals. In most situations, they become ill or become too large for their confinement.

    #4. Out Come The Wolves.


    wolf mama

    Source: ZooBorns

    This wolf pup is part of a huge litter born in 2017 at Costworld Wildlife Park. The Eurasian wolf cubs are the outcome of a breeding experiment in Sweden designed to increase population numbers.


    This wolf's birth prompted a celebration. It was the park's first wolf cub birth in 47 years! The mother has no idea how significant that birth is; all she knows is that she adores her cubs.

    #5. Bengal Tiger Mama Needs A Vacation.

    bengal tiger mama


    Source: VCG via Getty Images

    Being a mother is the most challenging job in the world. This Bengal tiger mama's exhausted expression says it all. Of course, she enjoys every minute of the commotion. She simply requires a weekend to herself.

    White Bengal tigers are extremely unusual because they lack the pigmentation in the genes that would render them orange. White Bengal tigers might be stripeless in extremely uncommon circumstances! Following the huge cats, we have a mama wolf and her historic young.


    #6. A Christmas Miracle!

    elephant mama

    Source: Dursun Aydemir


    After being born on Christmas in 2017, this newborn elephant weighed 200 pounds. Three days after the Christmas miracle, this photograph was shot. We hope she can withstand the cold while living at the Palnckendael Zoo in Belgium.

    As a keystone species, conservation efforts by this zoo and others will help keep elephant populations robust. Certain ecosystems would be destroyed if these gorgeous animals were not present.

    #7. Orangutans Loving Life In 2018.


    orangutang mama


    Khansa is a newborn orangutan in the Singapore Zoo. Her mother's name is Anita, and she doesn't seem to mind when her child pulls her hair. The wildlife preserve has done great work in reviving endangered animal species. They reported around 540 births and hatchings in 2017, with a fifth of them from vulnerable species.


    #8. Pandas At Play.

    mama panda



    Yuan Meng, one of two cubs, interacts with his mother at the Beauval Zoo in Central France. Yuan Meng's parents are on a ten-year loan from China. They are France's only remaining giant pandas. Yuan Meng's fur has turned red due to a chemical reaction triggered by his mother's saliva. By the age of one, the panda cub will weigh up to 100 pounds!

    #9. Proud Zebra Mom.

    Zebra Mom



    At the Alipore Zoological Garden, a 12-day-old zebra plays with his mother away from the public eye. He will be accessible for public sight for the first time in a matter of days. Zebras are the only horse family member that has never been successfully domesticated. Keep it crazy, little fellow! Find out why baby pandas have red fur next!

    #10. Wombat Baby Exploring The World.


    wombat mama


    Apari is a juvenile Wombat who lives in Germany. Tinsel, his mother, stands behind him. This animal came all the way from Australia to end up in Duisburg! Researchers must learn about the wombat's evolutionary path because they are marsupials. We're not sure, but this guy looks more like a rodent to us. The Patagonian Mara, on the other hand, looks like a rabbit but isn't!


    #11. Patagonian Nose Boops Are The Cutest.

    patagonion mama



    In April 2018, a mama Patagonian Mara and her infant were spotted doing a nose boop. The couple arrived in the UK just in time for a spring heatwave. The Patagonian Mara may appear to be a rabbit, but it is actually a rodent. Litters of up to 22 can be born at once, thus this kid could have a lot of siblings!

    #12. A Donkey And Her Foal.

    donkey mama



    This foal is one of the world's 40 million donkeys. Unlike most working donkeys, this mother and daughter will spend the next few years living quietly together in England's Cotswold Wildlife Park.

    Donkeys have historically been domesticated as working animals. They are more widespread in developing countries. You won't believe the family to which our next mother and child belong!


    #13. Rhinos Enjoying The Outdoors Together.

    mama rhino

    Source:  Omar Marques


    Say hello to Yang, the Warsaw Zoo's newborn rhino. Yang was one month old when this photo was taken, and the weather was great for Yang and his mother to enjoy the outdoors together.

    Yang is the fourth and youngest of four siblings. He was born healthy and weighing 97 pounds. At the moment, the Warsaw Zoo is the only Polish zoo that has assisted in the birth of Asian rhinos.

    #14. Everything Is Going To Be Okay, Little Monkey.


    mama monkey

    Source: Ali Atmaca

    This monkey mother cradles her infant, assuring it that everything would be fine. For a long period, the infant monkey will remain linked to its mother. Some monkey species have been recorded raising their young far into their adolescence. After such wonderful upbringing, this baby will one day become a parent.


    #15. A Proud Lemur And Her Babies.

    lemur mama

    Source: Anadolu Agency


    This striking photograph, taken in May 2018, shows a mother lemur looking proudly as she carries her young on her back. Mama lemurs and their kids have one of the strongest bonds in the animal kingdom.

    Their closeness extends beyond their children. Females are the dominant gender in lemur culture. This hierarchy holds true for all wild lemur species. When it's too cold outside, a monkey just around the corner is keeping her infant warm.

    #16. Don't Talk Back To Mom, Especially When She's A Lion!


    lion mama

    Source: Getty Images

    We're not sure what this lioness cub said to her mother, but it couldn't have been nice! She's getting a good earful. This stunning photograph was shot in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park in 2017.


    Lions are one of the most popular animals in zoos around the world. Zoos have helped to revive the Lion population through conservation and breeding activities. Being able to pay their bills is a good reward for their efforts.

    #17. Fluffy Polar Bear Cub!

    polar bear mama


    Source: VALERY HACHE

    This polar bear mother keeps an eye on her child at Antibes' Marineland Animal Exhibition Park. The park, which is located in France, is assisting in the growth of the polar bear population. Flocke, the mother, appears to be having a great time outside with her kid. The baby, on the other hand, appears to be ready for a nap!

    #18. Nap Time Is Family Time.


    mama swan

    Source: Matt Cardy

    This newborn swan has cuddled into the protection of its mother's protective feathers to remain warm in the heavy rain. This 2008 photograph sheds incredible light on the resurgence of the swan population in England following a bird flu outbreak that destroyed the species. The birth was one of 600 for the season, virtually doubling the number of people living at the Abbotsbury Swannery.


    #19. A Giraffe Mom In Love.

    giraffe mom



    In 2013, this mother giraffe was photographed cleaning her 20-day-old child at the Alipore Zoological Garden. The birth of the infant heralded an increase in the giraffe population. We can't get over how much this mother adores her child. She may be licking her child, yet it appears to us to be a loving nuzzle. The following photograph is both adorable and classy.

    #20. The Softer Side Of Tigers.

    tiger mama


    Source: OLI SCARFF

    Our hearts are swelling as we watch this tiger take care of her youngster. The four-month-old Amur tiger cub pictured above is free on a nature reserve in England. These animals are scarce in the wild, although conservation initiatives have grown frequent in the United Kingdom. On International Tiger Day in 2015, this cub was released into the reserve to reconnect with its mother.


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