Netflix Beef Ending Explained: What Happened At The End of Beef?

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In the finale, their animosity cooled off as they both realized that they had more in common than differences. The ending of the movie left us more questions than answers, here is the full ending explanation for you.

    Lee Sung Jin and his team of writers made sure to keep the viewers engaged throughout the 10 episodes of the Netflix dark comedy. Amy and Danny's feud was all over the place, and it seemed that there was no clear resolution. However, in the finale of Netflix's Beef, their animosity cooled off as they both realized that they had more in common than differences. The ending of the movie left us more questions than answers, here is the full ending explanation for you.

    #1. Beef ending explained

    Netflix Beef Ending Explained

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    And Danny's life was continuing to fall apart after the house he had painstakingly built for his parents had burned to the ground. They had flown over to America to enjoy their son's handiwork, but instead the couple were met with smoke and rubble. Paul suspected Amy was responsible, retaliating after the breakdown of her marriage, while Danny believed church goer Edwin, who had serious problems of his own, could be to blame. But it later emerged that Danny was responsible, albeit unknowingly, after wiring the house incorrectly.
    Determined to save face, Danny headed over to Amy and George's home to frame his arch-nemesis for arson, but as is tradition his plan went horribly wrong when he accidentally knocked George out. As he fled the scene, with police sirens wailing in the background, matters were complicated further when it emerged that June had crept into the back of his truck.

    Danny took her back to his apartment and was planning to have Amy pick her up while he laid low, but that plan was scuppered. His cousin Isaac, who had just been released from prison after Danny had dobbed him in, busted in with his associates Michael and Bobby, demanding the money which Danny had spent building his parents' house.

    Netflix Beef Ending Explained

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    Amy, who was at Jordan's lavish hillside mansion at the time, had been notified of her child's "abduction" and contacted the detective who had been investigating the road rage incident. But while reporting her missing daughter, she received a call from Isaac, who demanded a vast sum of money. If the conditions weren't met, he threatened to kill June.
    Unable to deliver the cash he wanted in such a short space of time, Amy suggested Isaac rob Jordan, particularly her sacred headdresses. But Isaac's scheme crashed and burned in spectacular style. He was arrested alongside Bobby, while Michael was shot dead by the authorities.

    Fortunately, Paul survived, although Danny was in the dark about that for quite some time, but Jordan wasn't so lucky. The billionaire was crushed to death by the door of her panic room after she had made a dash for it with her partner Naomi – a form of karma, some might say.

    Netflix Beef Ending Explained

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    Unbeknownst to Amy, George had collected June and taken her home, and he had also won custody of their daughter, with Amy prohibited from contacting either of them. Danny, who had also managed to escape unharmed, just happened to be driving by when Amy received the crushing news and once again, they were caught up in another road rage incident, except this time she was chasing him.

    But unlike their first altercation, which they escaped from physically unscathed, this time they very nearly died when they careered off the road. On surviving their latest ordeal, the pair continued to spar with one another, verbally and physically, but were eventually incapacitated by poisonous berries.

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    #2. What happened between Amy and Danny?

    Netflix Beef Ending Explained

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    You would be forgiven for assuming Beef could only end one way, with Amy and Danny's hands wrapped around each other's necks as they choke the life out of one another. However you would be wrong. It does start out with the two not so much trying to kill each other, so much as pushing each other to retaliate in a way that could lead to their deaths. After driving each other off the road and ending up stranded in the wilderness Amy holds Danny hostage with a gun.

    She means to force Danny to hand himself over to the police and take the blame for the events that transpired in the penultimate episode and everything leading up to it (the road-rage chase and the hostage situation). However when Amy is attacked by crows, Danny takes the opportunity to push her down a rocky hill, causing her to badly injure her ankle and lose the gun.

    We don’t believe that Danny was in love with Amy, but he had found a soulmate in her. She was someone he could always count on to understand him, and in a way, she was probably his first real friend. We never thought we would say this, but this enemies-to-friends development is far better than any enemies-to-lovers storyline the writers could have come up with.

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