Is Logan Really Dead On Succession? How Did He Die? Is He Still Alive? Season 4 Episode 3 Twist Explained

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Is Logan really dead on Succession? What will happen to his children, his company, and his legacy? We will provide answers to all of these queries in this post.

    One of the most acclaimed TV shows in recent years is Succession for good reason. The Roy family, who are perpetually fighting for their father's approval and inheritance, is the focus of the show. But is Logan really dead on Succession? What will happen to his children, his company, and his legacy? After the dramatic twist in the third episode of the fourth, many fans are asking that question. We will provide answers to all of these queries in this post. Here’s everything you need to know about the shocking twist that rocked Succession fans.

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    #1. How did Logan die in Succession?

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: USA Today

    The episode claims that Logan died of a heart attack while flying back from London to New York. He had recently closed a deal with the rival tech company GoJo that would secure his dominance over the media industry. He made the decision to close the deal rather than attend his eldest son Connor's (Alan Ruck) wedding, where all of his other children were present.

    Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen), Logan's loyal son-in-law, who was on the jet with him, broke the news of his passing. Tom called Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook), his wife and Logan’s daughter, and told her that Logan was found in the bathroom in bad condition and that the outlook was tragic.

    The episode omitted showing Logan's death scene, his body, or his funeral. This was a deliberate choice by the show’s creator and showrunner Jesse Armstrong, who explained in an HBO featurette: “We didn’t really have a death scene for Logan, and that was obviously intentional. We wanted to capture a feeling of death that people experience in the modern era of separation, of communication over phone and e-mail.”

    #2. Is Logan really dead in Succession?

    Some fans can speculate whether Logan faked his death or used it as a ruse to manipulate his children or his enemies. After all, Succession is known for its twists and turns, and Logan is not above faking his own demise or using Tom as a pawn. Yet, it appears that Logan is indeed dead on Succession based on the evidence from the episode and the conversations with the show's creators and stars.

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: Variety

    Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy, stated that the character had officially ended. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “He’s dead. He’s definitely dead. There’s no coming back from this one.” In addition, Jesse Armstrong added that Logan’s death was always part of his plan for the final season. He told THR: “He was always going to die. It felt like that had to happen. That was always coded into it once we decided it was going to be the final season.”

    Furthermore, the episode showed how Logan’s death affected his children and his company in realistic and emotional ways. The Roy siblings reacted with shock, grief, anger, denial, and confusion. They also had to deal with the implications of their father’s will, which left them each with a different stake in Waystar Royco. The company itself faced a crisis of leadership and direction, as well as potential threats from outside forces. All these factors suggest that Logan’s death was not a fake-out or a trick, but a genuine and irreversible event that changed the course of Succession.

    #3. What does Logan’s death mean for Succession?

    Logan's passing definitely alters the course of Succession because it presents fresh opportunities and difficulties for the remaining characters and plotlines.

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: The Independent

    1. Who will take over Waystar Royco after Logan’s death?

    Logan's children or his executives were never specifically recognized as Logan's successors. After Logan's passing, his children will have to choose between cooperating or competing for ownership of the company. Logan's oldest son, Kendall Roy, exhibits the greatest ambition and drive to take over. He had previously tried to oust his father in a failed coup, and he still has allies in GoJo and Stewy Hosseini.

    Shiv Roy, Logan’s only daughter, and former political consultant is another potential contender for the throne. She had once been Logan’s favorite and his chosen successor, but she lost his trust and respect after making several mistakes and betrayals. She still has some influence and connections in the political and media spheres, as well as a loyal husband in Tom, who might be willing to sacrifice himself for her.

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: USA Today

    Connor Roy, Logan’s oldest son from his first marriage, is the least likely to inherit Waystar Royco. He is more interested in pursuing his own eccentric hobbies and passions, such as running for president or collecting rare items. He also has a strained relationship with his father and his siblings, who often mock him and exclude him from their schemes.

    Besides the Roy family, there are also other players who might have a say or a stake in Waystar Royco’s future. These include Frank Vernon (Peter Friedman), Logan’s longtime friend and advisor; Karl Muller (David Rasche), Logan’s CFO; Cyd Peach (Jeannie Berlin), the head of ATN, Waystar Royco’s conservative news network; Sandy Furness (Larry Pine), Logan’s rival media mogul; Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones), Kendall’s ex-girlfriend and heiress of another media dynasty; and Marcia Roy (Hiam Abbass), Logan’s third wife and widow.

    2. How will Logan’s death impact the Roy couples’ romance?

    Logan’s death will also have a profound impact on the personal lives and relationships of the characters. The Roy siblings will have to cope with their grief, guilt, anger, and resentment toward their father, who was abusive, manipulative, and neglectful towards them. They will also have to confront their own flaws, insecurities, and desires, as well as their complicated feelings for each other.

    Logan's passing will put the relationships between the couples on Succession to the test. Tom and Shiv's marriage has been troubled by infidelity, dishonesty, and power imbalance. Shiv's lack of devotion and affection has made Tom unhappy and frustrated, while Tom's lack of ambition and charisma has made Shiv unsatisfied and bored. He is also being sued for his involvement in the Waystar Royco cruise controversy, which could result in a prison sentence.

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: The Independent

    Roman and Gerri have had an unconventional relationship, based on s**ual tension, mutual respect, and mentorship. Roman has been attracted to Gerri for her intelligence, experience, and authority, while Gerri has been amused by Roman’s humor, charm, and potential. However, their relationship has also been secretive, awkward, and unfulfilled.

    Based on their shared trauma, addiction, and loneliness, Kendall and Naomi enjoyed a brief but intense connection. Kendall has been drawn to Naomi for her honesty, empathy, and courage, while Naomi has been supportive of Kendall’s quest for redemption and justice. They have a tumultuous, erratic, and unhealthy relationship, though.

    Connor and Willa have had a long-term but superficial relationship, based on convenience, money, and status. Connor has been fond of Willa for her beauty, youth, and compliance, while Willa has been dependent on Connor for his wealth, security, and generosity. However, their relationship has also been devoid of passion, intimacy, and respect.

    3. How will Logan’s death change the tone and theme of Succession?

    Is Logan really dead on Succession?

    Source: USA Today

    The tone and theme of Succession will likewise change as a result of Logan's death. The program is renowned for its biting wit, razor-sharp language, and sarcastic comments on the media, politics, and corporate world. The complicated and paradoxical nature of people - who may be both ruthless and loving, selfish and giving, strong and weak - has also been covered in the show.

    Logan's passing will probably make Succession more dramatic, emotional, and surprising. The program will also enlarge on the psychological and ethical effects of fame, riches, and power. Questions regarding the meaning and purpose of life, family, and legacy will also be raised through the show.

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