Full Circle Episode 2 Recap: A Thrilling Ride in the Park

Read our recap and analysis of Full Circle Episode 2, where we see how a kidnapping, a murder plot, a bike swap, and a dying phone battery lead to a thrilling ride in the park.

    What do you get when you mix a kidnapping, a murder plot, a bike swap, and a dying phone battery? The answer is a thrilling ride in the park, as Full Circle Episode 2 delivers a tense and twisty installment of the HBO Max crime series.

    In this post, we will recap the key events and characters of Full Circle Episode 2, titled “Charger”, and discuss some of the themes and questions raised by the episode. We will also share our thoughts and predictions for what will happen next in the show.

    #1. The Kidnappers: Aked, Xavier, Louis, and Keesen


    full circle episode 2 recap

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    The episode opens with a flashback to the night of the kidnapping, where we see how Aked, Xavier, Louis, and Keesen abducted Nicky Mahabir, the son of a wealthy businesswoman, from his apartment. We learn that each kidnapper has a different motive and background:

    • Aked is the leader of the group, but he is frustrated by his lack of information and control over the situation. He receives instructions from Garmen, his boss’s second-in-command, via phone calls and texts. He is also suspicious of Xavier, who he thinks is hiding something from him. Aked says to Xavier: “You’re not telling me something. I can feel it.”
    • Xavier is a former employee of Mrs. Mahabir, who was fired for stealing money from her company. He is also a confidential informant for Mel, a postal inspector who is investigating the case. He is conflicted about his role in the kidnapping, and tries to contact Mel several times throughout the episode.
    • Louis is a former boxer who owes money to Mrs. Mahabir’s husband, who runs an illegal gambling ring. He is desperate to pay off his debt and save his sister Natalia from harm. He is also the one who has to execute the murder plan at Washington Square Park.
    • Keesen is a young hacker who was hired by Mrs. Mahabir to hack into Nicky’s phone and track his location. He is unaware of the true nature of the kidnapping, and thinks it is just a prank. He is also contacted by Mel, who tries to convince him to cooperate with her.

    #2. Garmen and Paul: The Boss’s Men

    full circle episode 2 recap


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    Garmen and Paul are Mrs. Mahabir’s trusted lieutenants, who oversee the operation and make sure everything goes according to plan. They are ruthless and cold-blooded killers, who will stop at nothing to achieve their goal.

    • Garmen is Mrs. Mahabir’s right-hand man, who communicates with Aked and gives him orders. He finds out that one of the kidnappers has been contacted by Mel, a postal inspector who is investigating the case. He decides to kill the mole, who he thinks is Keesen, without hesitation. He says to Paul: “We have a problem. Someone’s been talking to a cop.”
    • Paul is Garmen’s partner, who helps him carry out his tasks. He is also responsible for hiring Viktor, a professional assassin who is supposed to shoot Nicky at Washington Square Park. He meets Viktor at a hotel room and gives him a briefcase with money and a gun.

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    #3. Natalia: Louis’s Sister

    full circle episode 2 recap


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    Natalia is Louis’s sister, who works as a delivery bike rider. She agrees to help her brother by swapping her bike with his at Washington Square Park. Her bike has a dummy inside its storage box, which is supposed to fool Viktor, the hired assassin who is supposed to shoot Nicky.

    • Natalia loves her brother and wants to protect him from harm. She says to Louis: “Don’t worry, bro. I got you.”
    • Natalia risks her life by riding her brother’s bike with Nicky inside it across the city. She manages to evade Viktor’s sniper shots and reach Nicky’s apartment safely.
    • Natalia reunites Nicky with his girlfriend Sophie, who was also kidnapped by Mrs. Mahabir’s men in Episode 1. She tells them to call the police and get out of there as soon as possible.

    #4. Mel: The Postal Inspector

    full circle episode 2 recap

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    Mel is a postal inspector who has been tracking down Xavier, her confidential informant who works for Mrs. Mahabir. She is obsessed with cracking the case, even though she has no official authority or backup.

    • Mel breaks up with her girlfriend Carol on her way to Washington Square Park, where she hopes to find Xavier and stop the murder. She says to Carol: “I’m sorry, I have to do this. It’s my job.”
    • Mel arrives at the park just in time to see Viktor aiming his gun at Natalia’s bike. She shoots Viktor and saves Natalia and Nicky from being killed.
    • Mel chases after Xavier, who runs away from the scene. She catches up with him and confronts him about his involvement in the kidnapping. She says to Xavier: “You’re under arrest. You’re coming with me.”

    Full Circle Episode 2 was a gripping and suspenseful hour of television that kept us on the edge of our seats. The episode showed us how different characters are connected by a web of secrets, lies, and violence that spans across New York City. The episode also raised some intriguing questions about who is behind this elaborate scheme, what are their motives, and what will happen next.


    What did you think of Full Circle Episode 2? Do you have any theories or predictions for Episode 3? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media channels. And don’t forget to tune in next week for another exciting episode of Full Circle on HBO Max!

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