Fast And Furious Star Jordana Brewster Did Not Have Drivers License Prior To Filming

But did you know that before being cast as Mia Toretto in Fast and Furious, Jordana did not have drivers license? Read more below about how she learns to drive in record time to secure her breakout role.

    There's a good possibility that when you think of Jordana Brewster, you will immediately think of her portrayal of Mia Toretto in the Fast & Furious series. Not to diminish her extensive acting portfolio, but it’s just that her role as the youngest Toretto is so iconic. Jordana's character never spends much time behind the wheel in the majority of the Fast & Furious movies. She is still considered a skilled driver, growing up with Dom and being a Toretto herself. 

    But did you know that before being cast as Mia Toretto, Jordana did not have drivers license? Read more below about how she learns to drive in record time to secure her breakout role.

    #1. Jordana Brewster did not have drivers license before getting cast


    Jordana did not have drivers license

    Source: Vanity Fair

    You must need highly skilled drivers if your film revolves around speeding cars, street races, and a bunch of car flips. It is amusing because when Jordana Brewster and leading lady Michelle Rodriguez were cast in the first movie, they did not have driver's licenses. Jordana acknowledged in an interview with Insider that "I didn't drive," as Brewster claimed that the director of The Fast and the Furious, Rob Cohen, told her to prepare for filming by watching “a bunch of Anna Magnani movies.” 


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    Brewster claimed that because she had always used public transportation, she had never before needed a driver's license. But she wouldn't be insured for the movie if she hadn't obtained a license before shooting. “Within a week of taking my driving test, we were flown to Las Vegas for this special driving class. So I had to pass or I wouldn’t have been in the movie,” the actor said.

    #2. The Fast and Furious star has to undergo rigorous stunt training


    Jordana did not have drivers license

    Source: Daily Express

    It was fortunate that Brewster obtained her license at that time. She and other celebrities were enrolled in a specialized driving school just days after passing the test and receiving their licenses, where they learned how to drive Formula One car in preparation for their street racing scenes.


    However, although she eventually obtained a driver’s license, there’s still one remaining problem for Jordana: she can’t drive manual cars. Given that all of the vehicles utilized in the Fast & Furious films are vintage American muscle cars, this is a difficult task. She later tried to do the basics with manual cars, such as parking. Jordana said that she had given up hitting the streets with manual cars because it was so difficult.

    Fortunately, most of the time, she just needs to pretend to drive; the rest is handled by the green screen. Jordana did, however, heed some of the late Paul Walker's suggestions, especially with regard to how to make her fictitious driving "look believable."

    #3. How will Mia Toretto fare in Fast X? A spoiler on Jordana Brewster’s character


    Jordana did not have drivers license

    Source: MovieWeb

    Fast X, the allegedly final installment in the Fast & Furious series, aims to properly tribute the beloved Paul Walker and his character, Brian O’Connor. While the plot for the upcoming movie is being kept under wraps, one thing for sure is that Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, and Ludacris will reprise their roles one last time.


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    Spoiler Alert: According to Vin Diesel’s words, the original script for Fast X excluded Mia Toretto, assuming that she’s now leading a peaceful and quiet life with her family. Vin, however, rejected the script and argued that without the presence of Paul Walker's on-screen wife, it wouldn't be a true tribute to him. True to his words, Vin seemed to be ecstatic to be reunited with Jordana in the Fast X filming set. In an Instagram post, he claimed he’s “so blessed” to be reunited with his sister “on and off screen for two and a half decades.”

    While it hasn't been confirmed that Jordana Brewster's Mia Toretto will play a crucial part in the future film, perhaps we might find clues in the official teaser!


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