Celebrities With Their Pets Make Your Heart Melt

When it comes to celebrities, we are interested in everything: how they dress, what they eat, who they date, and even what pets they own. We collected a bunch of photos of celebrity dogs, cats, and other pets that are bound to make your day better.

    We are fascinated by celebrities in every way: how they dress, what they eat, who they date, and even what pets they own. This latter component probably helps us relate to them the most. They may be famous and wealthy, but they share our passion of animals. Also, who doesn't enjoy a good floof photo? So it's much better if it's partnered with your favorite celebrity. Celebrity pets frequently appear on social media, striking a pose alongside their owners. Sure, some celebrities have unusual pets (Michael Jackson and his llama are two examples), but most famous pets are what you'd expect to see in anyone's home. 

    If you look online, you'll notice that celebrity dog news is something that a lot of people look for. Some die-hard fans even memorize famous cat or dog names. For this article, we gathered a slew of photographs of celebrity dogs, cats, and other creatures that are sure to brighten your day. They are all accompanied by their humans. Vote for your favorite celebrity pet and tell your animal-loving friends about this post. Show us your pets in the comments section. Who knows, maybe they'll end up in the celebrity pets section one day.

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    #1. Chris Evans With Dodger.

    Chris Evans With Pet

    Source: chrisevans


    #2. Henry Cavill With Zeus.

    Henry Cavill With Pet

    Source: Henry Cavill 


    #3. Michelle Obama With Bo And Sunny.

    Michelle Obama with pets

    Source: michelleobama44


    #4. Taylor Swift And Benjamin.

    Taylor Swift And Benjamin

    Source: taylorswift


    #5. Ed Sheeran With Teddy.

    Ed Sheeran With Teddy

    Source: teddysphotos


    #6. Selena Gomez And Winnie.

    Selena Gomez And Winnie

    Source: selenagomez


    #7. David Beckham With Winston.

    David Beckham With Dog

    Source: davidbeckham


    #8. Nicole Richie With Speedy.

    Nicole Richie With Pet

    Source: nicolerichie


    #9. Gigi Hadid And Cleo.

    Gigi Hadid And Cat

    Source: therealcleohadid


    #10. Justin Bieber With Oscar.

    Justin Bieber With Oscar

    Source: justinbieber


    #11. Michael Phelps With Juno And Legend.

    Michael Phelps With Dogs

    Source: msjunoandlegend


    These are pets that are loved by celebrities. They're so cute and lucky aren't they? What about your pet, please share with us! You can visit memefuny to see more about adorable pets

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