9 Pictures Prove That Weight Is Just A Number

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Can you believe that weight is just a number? Sometimes weight is not the best indicator of beauty. 10 pictures in this post will remind you that the scale is not always correct.

    In a world that's pretty hung up on small waistlines and the quest for that elusive "perfect" body, guess what? Some cool bloggers are saying, "Hold up, your weight is just a number, folks!" Yep, they're throwing shade at the idea that your entire appearance depends on the digits you see on your bathroom scale.

    Our friends over at Meme Funny have put together some seriously eye-opening examples. They're all about showing us that there's so much more to feeling great about ourselves than obsessing over our weight. These stories and pictures will seriously make you rethink those old beauty standards and help you see that beauty comes in a bunch of different shapes and sizes. So, let's jump on this self-love train and check out these awesome examples that prove once and for all that weight is just a number.

    #1. Ten more pounds, and she looks much better, right?

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #2. Both pictures have the same weight. Just disregard the scale.

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #3. 3 years apart with barely a 2-pound difference

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #4. Same weight after one year

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #5. This picture shows that weigt is just a number

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #6. Look different with same weight...

    Weight Is Just A Number

    #7. Same number shown on the scale but different look

    #8. 58kg and 63kg?

    #9. Do you wish to improve your appearance or to have a smaller number on a scale?


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