12 Unforgivable Mistakes Were Made By Costume Designers And Makeup Artists

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Step behind the scenes of Tinseltown as we uncover the jaw-dropping blunders and hilarious mishaps that have infiltrated iconic movies. From costume chaos to timeline twists, these unforgivable mistakes will leave you in awe!

    In the glitzy world of Hollywood, crafting captivating stories and unforgettable characters is an art form in itself. Costume designers and image experts play a pivotal role in bringing these characters to life, meticulously curating their styles to match the movie's era and ambiance. However, even in the realm of the most renowned films, the occasional mishap or deliberate oversight can lead to unforgivable mistakes.

    We delved deep into the annals of cinema to unearth these unexpected bloopers and inaccuracies. It's astonishing how even seasoned professionals sometimes falter, or directors choose to let these missteps slide, robbing the film of its visual perfection. From anachronistic props to makeup blunders, we've scoured famous movies to shed light on these cinematic slip-ups.

    Join us on this cinematic journey as we unravel these unforgivable mistakes that have left audiences both cringing and chuckling. It's a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of film, where even the most polished productions aren't immune to the occasional blunder.

    #1. Head in the Clouds

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    So, imagine this, folks! We're time-traveling back to the '30s, but Penélope Cruz, she's just like, "Nah, I'm keeping my natural brows, fashion trends be darned!" Meanwhile, Charlize Theron? Well, she hit the brow jackpot! Those makeup wizards must've worked overtime to make sure her brows were in tune with the 1930s standards. Eyebrows, the unsung heroes of time travel fashion!

    #2. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Oh, here's a hilarious tidbit for you! So, picture this: Lara Croft, the ultimate adventurer, emerges from the water all epic and cinematic, but wait for it... There's this mysterious, almost ghostly dark spot lurking beneath her makeup! What's the scoop, you ask? Well, it turns out that spot was none other than Angelina Jolie's famous tattoo, and those poor makeup artists, they played hide-and-seek with it but lost!

    #3. The Tudors

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    In the Anne Boleyn series, they got a bit carried away with her hair. I mean, Anne should have been sporting the chic French hood of the time, but nope, her hair was like, "I'm free, baby!" Now and then, you catch a glimpse of Natalie Dormer trying to rock that French hood, but it's like the headgear went on a wild adventure of its own and got reshaped along the way. Anne Boleyn: Queen of England, fashion rebel!

    #4. The Edge of Love

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    The main characters are goofing around, lifting their legs with glee, and then, lo and behold, there it is – Keira Knightley's secret weapon, flesh-colored shapewear! But hold on a minute, folks, we've got a time-traveling fashion detective on our hands because this flick is set in the '40s, a time when tights as we know them hadn't even been invented! Keira, you trendsetter, you're rocking the time-traveling wardrobe malfunction! The '40s may not have known tights, but they've certainly met Keira's shapewear!

    #5. Dirty Dancing

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    This movie claims to be set in the '60s, but hold onto your disco balls because the costumes and the characters are shouting "I belong to the '80s!" Jennifer Grey is strolling around with her free-flowing hair, defying the '60s hair etiquette, and Patrick Swayze is rocking the mullet hairstyle like he's on a mission to bring the future back to the past. Forget '60s groove; we're going full '80s time-travel glam here! Who knew time travel had its own hairdresser?

    #6. The Vikings

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Janet Leigh's character struts around in a strapless, cone-shaped bra, like she's channeling the '50s fashion vibes. But wait a minute, folks, we've got a time-traveling fashionista on our hands because this flick is supposedly set in early medieval Scandinavian society, and let's just say they were not exactly well-versed in the intricacies of cone-shaped bras back then! Someone must have smuggled a time machine into the wardrobe department, taking Viking chic to a whole new level! Medieval Scandinavians: the unsung pioneers of fashion-forward undergarments!

    #7. Emma

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Typically, in the 1800s, people were all about flaunting their coifs outside, and they tied those hat ribbons securely under the chin to prevent fashion disasters in the wind. But, hold on to your bonnets, because in the recent on-screen version of Emma, our main character seems to have a different plan entirely. Her hat's ribbons are either tied with the strength of a gentle breeze or are on the brink of a runaway adventure, yet somehow, this gal performs hat magic and keeps that coif perched on her head. Who needs hat pins when you've got cinematic sorcery, right? Emma, the reigning queen of gravity-defying fashion!

    #8. The Virgin Queen

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Oh, the scandalous double dilemma with Tom Hardy's character in that series! Throughout the entire saga, he's just strutting around in an open doublet like it's the latest fashion craze. But folks, let me tell you, in those days, that was the equivalent of strolling around with an unzipped fly in modern times – pure indecency! Tom Hardy, the trailblazer of historical fashion faux pas, proves that sometimes, the best way to make a statement is to leave your doublet wide open!

    #9. One Million Years B.C.

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Well, well, well, let's dive into this hilarious time-traveling prehistoric adventure! Picture this: Our brave characters are battling giant insects, dinosaurs, and lizards in a fictional prehistoric era. Now, the guys, are doing their best to blend in with our caveman ancestors, but oh boy, the ladies have clearly taken a detour to the Stone Age spa! Plucked eyebrows, perfectly styled hair, flawless makeup, and skin smoother than a dinosaur's backside. I mean, who knew prehistoric survival came with a full beauty makeover? These ladies are the OG influencers of time, rocking that prehistoric glam like it's nobody's business!

    #10. Marie-Antoinette

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    The Marie Antoinette movie, where even the shoes have a plot twist! Imagine this: servants waltz in, delivering these breathtaking mules to the queen, and voila! There's a noticeable difference between the left and right shoes. But hold the history books! Marie Antoinette met her maker back in 1793, way before the concept of a "pair of shoes" as we know it even existed, let alone the idea of different templates for left and right. And, brace yourselves, they even slipped a pair of blue Converse shoes into her royal collection! It's like a Cinderella story gone rogue. Queen Marie, the OG sneakerhead of the monarchy, stepping up her game in the most unexpected way possible. Who knew history had such a quirky sense of fashion?

    #11. Troy

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    The Greek goddesses of cinema strike again! In this movie, the female characters are absolute stunners, but here's the kicker: they're sporting some hair history hiccups. You see, back in those ancient Greek days, women were all about bundling up their hair into a neat bun after tying the knot. But in this flick, it's a full-on curl party with actresses flaunting those loose, flowing locks. I guess the ancient Greeks had a secret hairstylist society that we never knew about! Loose curls in ancient Greece, who knew? They must have had some epic hair tales to tell!

    #12. Easy Virtue

    Unforgivable Mistakes

    Source: BBC Film

    Here we are in the fabulous '20s, the era of straight-line silhouettes and androgynous fashion, where young men had no waistlines and necklines were a distant memory. Women, to match this trend, were all about rocking that androgynous vibe with special undergarments. But what happens in this movie? They must have had a one-track mind on Jessica Biel's figure because she's strutting around in these tight-fitting outfits that scream "waistline!" It's like the fashion police took a coffee break, and the '20s turned into a runway for curves. Jessica Biel, the accidental trendsetter of the Jazz Age, proves that sometimes, the waistline just can't be tamed!

    Have you ever observed inaccuracies of this nature, and what are your impressions regarding them?

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